It was just a couple weeks ago that recently-rehabbed actress Eva Mendes appeared in Vogue Germany -- for the most part without her clothes. And now, word 'round the Internet is that the star's latest ad campaign is similarly scandalous.

The TV spots are for a new Calvin Klein fragrance called Secret Obsession, and apparently clearly show Eva "having illicit thoughts." So illicit, in fact, that they're making network TV sensors very uncomfortable -- which means the ads will likely never see the light of day.

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According to a spokesman for Coty (the CK subsidiary that produced the fragrance): "There's a lot of skin, but it's tastefully done. We wanted to do a provocative ad. But we we're not trying to be raunchy. We're going to fight [the ban]."

Sure, they can fight -- but unless the content changes, chances are high that Coty and CK aren't going to win. Instead you can expect a watered-down version in late summer/early fall (when the fragrance launches), or, if you're lucky, a sneak peak at the unedited version when someone leaks it on YouTube.