Kat Von D, Jesse James dating rumor, aside, you'd expect Kat Von D to have her make up tattoo'd on, right?

Us too! So we were surprised to see that she has an exclusive new line of make up at Sephora.

It's a limited line, just a couple of smokey eyeshadow palettes, four lipsticks and some liquid liners. Oh, and a brush kit they refer to as "cool tattools." Sigh. Everyone with the puns.

Her lipsticks, all reds, have fun names: Hellbent, Lolita, Misfit and Underage Red. And the liquid liners are nifty, with neat sparkly edges, like Turbo Lover, a bronzed metallic plum.

The best looking items are the two eyeshadow palettes -- called Ludwig and Beethoven -- which have eight colors in a broad enough range to work for most skin tones. They're for creating smoky eyes, not to wear at virginal weddings, so expect drama rather than neutrals.

Cool packaging, based on Kat's "favorite tattoo" which must be a rose. Reasonable prices, $18 for lipsticks, $16 for the liners, $34 for the eyeshadow and $48 for the (sigh again) tattools. Best of all, you can try them, and wash them off if you want to try something different, unlike a tattoo.