Typically, when discussing the talents of a model-actress-whatever the conversation stops pretty much as soon as it begins (Think: Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton).

But Joy Bryant would definitely have to be the exception to this rule. The Yale graduate's resume is very long and quite impressive.

So, you can only imagine our excitement when we saw the mini interview Nylon magazine posted on its site featuring the former Tommy Hilfiger model. The fashion glossy caught up with Bryant at the party for the launch of Surf Girls Roxy.

On how she got acquainted with waves and surfboards: "Well, a couple years ago I was dating a surfer who was really hot, so he got me in the water. So there's your story! But I think if I learned to do that stuff early on, I'd be so sick right now. I'd be retarded."

Spoken like a real bad ass.