A friend received a review copy of Charla Krupp's How Not To Look Old, and gave it to us as a joke because, pshaw, we are so not old. Obviously we don't need any of that advice.

Except...every single woman who walked into our living room picked up that book and sat, engrossed, reading it from cover to cover. And so did we. Looks like Charla is on to something after all.
A former beauty director at Glamour and editor-in-chief at the now defunct eve.com, we have to admit she knows her products. And while we don't emulate, or even really like her very blonde personal style, she's on the money with a lot of the advice.

Here are some of the tips we agree with:
  • Color that grey!
  • Get bangs (which we interpret as long layers because bangs are a freaking hassle)
  • Groom your brows
  • Lose long, dark "dragon lady" nails (does that sound a little racist or is it just us?)
  • Dark jeans are flattering, but dark lipstick is aging

We found it interesting that she made a point of saying that facelifts are actually aging, and not to get big fake lips, but then has a whole chapter on needles you can jab into wrinkles.

Also, she's way bossy about only wearing pretty shoes, but we'd like to see her walk 12 blocks in d'orsay pumps. And if you get rid of your flip flops, as she recommends, how can you get a pedicure? But she's right that tennis shoes with mom jeans will add years to your look.

Basically the book is a big collection of all the "look younger" magazine articles you've read over the years. If you are intrigued by the idea of having them all in one place, visit your local book store and flip through a copy. You can probably absorb most of the concepts in fifteen minutes, and if not you can take it home for about $20.

Bonus: if you're a visual learner, check out her video, here.

So, does it work? Does she look old? You can be the judge. We have to get to a hair and eyebrow appointment.