Sarah Jessica Parker might have brought out the big hat making guns for the Sex and the City premiere in London, but she went all totally all out for the movie premiere's return home to New York City.

Her silver Nina Ricci dress was unique, beautiful, fashion forward, never boring, flattering and glamorous -- everything you'd expect from what's probably one of the biggest red carpet moments in Sarah Jessica's red carpet career.

Sex and the City style

Lil' KimKristin DavisCynthia NixonAshley OlsenKim Cattrall

And the rest of the ladies dressed to impress as well. Cynthia Nixon was particularly lovely in a white gown, and whoever did her makeup should get a raise because she looked about 10 years younger than normal.

Kim Cattrall made a valiant effort with short shiny dress, but the lace strips up the side didn't quite work for me. They looked out of place and made the whole thing seem like it didn't quite fit correctly.

And the beautiful Kristin Davis stuck with her usual look -- a dress that cinches at the waist and then flairs out. In gold, it might not have worked for a lot of women, but Kristin totally pulls it off. She must have an entire closet full of that same style dress, just in different colors. But, hey, if the formula ain't broke, don't fix it!

Browse through the gallery to see everyone's style at the premiere. Tons of celebs were there too, Ashley Olsen, Lil' Kim and more.