It's conventional wisdom that dudes don't care very much about what kind of undies they're sporting. Well, we say that's only a half truth -- almost all guys are partial to one form of underwear or another. There are few who are so bold as to one day go boxers, and the very next day, go briefs. That's crazy talk.

Now that the results are in from the 2008 Undie Awards, we know that plenty of dudes care about their skivvies enough to nominate their preferred pair for greatness. Not to mention, their votes helped fight cancer. Overall, the winners were all pretty safe choices, because that whole male lingerie thing hasn't quite caught on yet. Still, exotic choices like the male thong were on the ballot, and apparently a lot of men and their partners find them highly desirable.

Unsurprisingly, Tommy Hilfiger took home the most honors, his line's well-built and durable undies topped the knit boxer, and boxer-brief categories. In the briefs category, a plain old pair of Munsingwear, full-rise tighty-whiteys won out over all the crazy colors and patterns. Just goes to show the power of simplicity.

In the male thongs category, one that a precious few of us are actually qualified to vote for, the 2xist Original Y-backed thong and Calvin Klein's Steel Collection thong tied for first place. Click here to check out the ladies Undie Awards results.

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