Juicy!There is no denying the truth behind the phrase, "You are what you eat." A perfect example is the huge zit you always get after housing a greasy pizza. You can also put a positive spin on the saying and change the way you eat for good.

Summer is the best time to kick start better eating habits for your skin, hair, body, and even your mind. There is so much juicy fruit and yummy grilled chicken around that it's easier to say no to macaroni salad and the ice cream man.

To eat or not eat, that is the question:

Cut the diet crap. Eat a balanced diet that includes the four food groups and three square meals a day. In case you forgot the food groups they are meats and fish, dairy, fruits and veggies, and grain.

You know it's wrong. So don't eat it! Avoid refined sugar, saturated animal fats, and fried or heavy foods. Having said that, being a little bit indulgent once or twice a week will keep you sane. Keep it to a 3 – 5 bite max. This will help you overcome your craving and get that little slice of heaven that you deserve.

Stay away from: Fast foods, anything that has the words "cheese" and "cake" in the same sentence, full blown ice creams (slow churn or low fat are a much better choice!), foods that don't require prep time like frozen dinners and even microwavable soups (they are steeped in salts and fats), full fat Starbucks (some of the packed versions have as much fat and calories as a Quarter Pounder... with cheese!), and last but certainly not least, anything cheese or butter smothered. Not only are they completely unhealthy for your complexion and your bod, they make you feel so lethargic after words that it almost isn't worth it for that lardy feeling alone.

Eat me! Sweet potatoes, grape tomatoes, skim or low fat milk, broccoli, wild salmon, whole grain and crispy breads, brown rice, citrus (these also help flush your liver and kidney if you eat it every day), butternut squash, and spinach or kale. All of these provide lots of tasty options if you learn ways to incorporate them into salads, smoothies, snacks, and regular meals. They are also stand out sources of vitamins and have little fat and cholesterol.

Now get out there looking good and living strong!

Photo via Monkeyc.net