We all love the sunshine, warmth, and good times that the summer brings. We don't love the sweaty, oily, frizzy hair. But fear not friends, it doesn't have to be that way! There are a few pieces of advice that will get you through the summer sans frizzes.

Summertime brings out the worst in our frenemies; heat and humidity. Us vain peeps that color our hair 'til its nice and crispy get hit the hardest. Finding a solution to the problem is a little bit easier than you probably think if you're willing to lay down your beauty tools and shake what your mama gave ya... or something like that.

Cut. It. Out. Literally. Kick off summer with a healthy trim. If you want to keep your length ask for less than ½ an inch. If you really want to look lush, snip all the dead stuff, which could be a few inches.

Just say no to color. It's just about pointless to color your hair in the summer, especially if it's dark. Color treated hair will fade and dry out real quick. If you can hold off from about June through August, do it. If you can't wait that long, opt for hi-lights that will make fade look a little more natural. Also wear a hat or bandana whenever you're in the sun and further shield by applying pure vitamin E oil to hair at least once a week.

Conditioner is better; it makes hair silky and smooth. Ah, Billy Madison, truer words have never been spoken. If you haven't already, trade in your regular shampoos for moisturizing ones and apply a hair mask at least once a week to combat the drying sun. If you plan on spending the day outdoors, shield your strands with an SPF spray, or at the very least, a leave-in conditioner.

Protect and serve. Not only should you switch your products, you should also try to use a hat or go geek style with a bathing cap.

Strive for tight abs, not tight hair. Pulling your hair back regularly, especially when it is wet, can cause a ton of breakage. Your best bet is to use a headband, clip, or just let your hair hang down.

Wash up. Anytime you get your hair wet, particularly in a pool, make sure that you rinse it out. If you frequently hit the pool, there are some anti-chlorine products out there to avoid the mystifying green tint too.

Beat the heat. Actually, kick it to the curb completely. Unless you've got a hot date, put the blow dryer, irons, and hot rollers down and back away slowly.

Take a tip from supermodels. Why do you think that Kate Moss always has bedhead? Because she knows letting it air dry is the way to go! If your hair is collarbone length or longer you can get loose Gisele-esque waves by applying a frizz fighting styling or straightening crème, brushing it through when your hair is about 80% dry, and just letting it go. Try not to touch it or dry brush because that will only create more frizz. If you need to touch up your air-dryed locks or use heat all over, be sure to protect it with a heat-activated styling product.

And there you have it folks – your first frizz free summer!