Ah, flirting. Although it may seem like a past time, flirting is actually a big part of our everyday lives. It can be fun and is a great way to give people one on one attention.

You don't need to be single to be a flirt. Of course, when you are, flirting is the best way to find that special someone. But if you aren't a single, flirting is still a great way to have fun and get to know someone more intimately.

However, it can be harmful when that fine line between flirting and sexual advances is crossed. Some people are wonderful at it and others are utterly impossible. It is important to keep flirting to what it is – an intimate moment shared with eye contact, smiling, questioning, touching and talking.

If you are a flirt, it is a very appealing quality. It means you love giving and receiving attention. It can be a powerful friendship tool that can ultimately strengthen each and every one of your relationships.

So how do you do it? With a little know how and practice, becoming a full time flirt is easy. Soon you will be ready to meet new friends and enjoy your old ones all the more, be engaging, have excellent in-depth conversations, possibly find a new love, kick awkward moments to the curb, and ultimately be a superstar pal.

Here are the 10 best tips to make you a flirting pro in no time.

1. Hold your head high. Own your new found confidence.

2. Look good mama. If you've got beautiful eyes highlight them and if you have a small waist, belt it. It's all there waiting for you to work it.

3. Look friendly and more importantly be friendly. Wipe that scowl off of your face and uncross your arms. You don't want people saying "Who's the bitch?" You want them saying "Who's that girl?" Or guy.

4. Mind your manners. Be polite. Don't stare. Smile and speak back. The best advice we ever got was when Stephanie Tanner from Full House said, "Smiles are free so give em away!" Damn, we miss that show.

5. Look 'em in the eye. When you are talking to someone, look them right in the eyes. It gives off a certain confidence and makes the other person know that you are really listening to what they are saying.

6. Mirroring. Sure it sounds a little bit creepy but it's not. The idea is that if someone smiles, you smile back or if somebody seems interested in what you are saying, you continue on without looking for a way out of the conversation.

7. Touching? Yes please! If you're a free bird touching is great. But even if you are a lady talking to your best girlfriend, a little pat on the arm or hug is always a feel good move.

8. Compliments are key. Do not brush off them off. Take a compliment in stride by thanking the person and continuing with the conversation. It also doesn't hurt to compliment others as often as possible. If you like his shirt or her handbag, tell them so!

9. Get educated. We've all been there – those awkward pauses or moments of silence. Put them away for good by educating yourself. It can be as simple as reading the local and world news everyday so you're up to speed.

10. Talk like it's nobody's business. The key to good conversation is asking your partner a lot of questions and conversely, having winning responses when you're in the hot seat.

Flirting is awesome.