We've seen some interesting and unfortunate hairstyle trends over the years. The mullet, the mowhawk, and the mountain-high hair preferred by loud, crazy women from Dallas all immediately spring to mind. But those fashion fouls pale in comparison to the newest potential fad: dog-shaped hair.

Dog-shaped hair

OK, to be fair, these women didn't style their coiffures in the shape of canines -- rather, they're wearing hats with dog faces that are made from other people's hair. But still, the creepiness factor here is pretty high, and we're worried that if this catches on, we'll never be able to walk our dog again without her chasing (and/or trying to pee on) hipster chicks sportin' beehives ala Fido.

It's part of an art project by a woman named Nagi Noda, but don't be surprised if you see on the runways in the near future.

Check out the gallery for additional animals -- including a bear, lion and elephant. Weird.

[via Neatorama]