Beth Ditto has signed on to be the new face of Evans, a fashion plus size retail giant. She'll be designing a line of clothes in the size range of 14-32.

Last year Topshop reportedly offered Beth a deal but she turned in down stating that their sizing policy was "limited."

But, now she's singing a different tune. A source says, "She wants to show the world that big girls can have fun with fashion - and stick two fingers up to the size-zero brigade."

Beth Ditto: Bold and daring fashionista

We're always happy to see that women of all sizes can be recognized as beautiful! Beth stood up for what she believed in and now that's resulted in another $400,000 dollars in her pocket -- not a bad deal at all!

The best part of Beth's look is that she doesn't stick to rules -- you know, big girls shouldn't wear bright patterns, or short skirts. Beth wears whatever the hell she wants and makes it look hot -- which just goes to show, you don't have to be thin to be fierce.