Aside from being a blogger, what could be the coolest job in the world? Designing Barbie clothes, of course! Especially when you take into account that a Barbie clothing designer might make more than the average clothing designer in the real world.

When people get out of fashion design school they often imagine they'll score high paying jobs, but that's quite often not the case. So rather than design clothes for big people, maybe some of these wannabe designers should try their hand at making a new wardrobe for Barbie or Ken.

Barbie's hip outfits

Clothing creators for Mattel usually make around $62,610 a year, according to CNN. And get this, producing Barbie outfits makes Mattel one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world!

When you think about it, it all makes sense. Obviously Barbie's clothes need to keep up with the times, or they won't sell! Barbies in our day wore frilly, pretty pink princess dresses. Now a days they wear leggings with heels and a tunic. Things are different, thanks to the fashionistas behind the designs.