Here at StyleDash, we are firm believers in the freedom to wear whatever colors suit your personal style. And, we definitely don't think finger and toenails need to be painted the same shades. Often we opt for a darker hue on our toes than on our hands, and that is for a couple of reasons:

For one, fingernail polish chips more quickly than polish on our toes, so painting our fingernails with something dark or bright all the time just isn't practical. Additionally, dark colors on our fingernails a dark or bright color attracts a lot of attention, which is fine sometimes, but not as desirable other times.

Do fingernails and toenails need to be painted the same colors?
Yes! Matchy-matchy, all the way.98 (37.4%)
No, I would never paint my fingernails the same color as my toenails.164 (62.6%)
Although we don't make a point to match our nails, we do use complimentary colors. For example, if we have an orangey-coral on our toes, we would opt for a sheer version of the same shade -- we would not paint our fingernails a pink or red shade. There's a difference between not matching and not coordinating.

How about you? Do you think painting all nails to match is a necessity?