You might be curious as to why the Sex and the City movie needs a book. It's as much about the fashions as it is about the plot, so what's there to read, right? Well, let us tell you -- a lot.

We received a copy of Sex and the City: The Movie from our friends at Harper Collins, who warned us that the book gives away the plot, so to be sure to see the movie first. This was totally true, so consider yourself warned.

The book outlined the plot mostly through the use of pictures -- big, beautiful pictures. What was really fun about this, even though we were familiar with the plot, was that there were lots of notes from the cast and crew on little details, like the fact that Carrie wears a particular belt many times throughout the movie (Patricia Field had to tell Sarah Jessica Parker that she COULD NOT wear the same belt in every scene) and what shoes Carrie wears under her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress (Dior Extremes covered in smoke- and oyster-colored crystals). Additionally, there were fun facts about scenes that didn't make it into the movie, as well as how some parts of the movie came to be.

And, if that's not enough to hook you, get this -- there's a lookbook at the end showing all the different outfits worn by Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha throughout the movie, along with designer information. And there's a section of "Sex Marks the Spot: Filming on Location" where you can get more information on all the locations they used in the movie.

For the avid SATC fan, this is a book that must go on your coffee table. It's beautiful to just flip through and informative enough to help you win any trivia game based on the movie.