The utterly beautiful Mia Tyler, once nearly committed suicide because of self-esteem issues. In her memoir that just came out she says she had problems with her body image, drugs and self mutilation.

Steve Tyler's eldest daughter says that she was sitting on the edge of the balcony in a Hollywood Hills estate, considering throwing herself off the ledge, "I was going to kill myself...One thing I knew for sure: If I jumped, no one would find me at the bottom of the canyon. I sat down and let my legs dangle over the edge. I puffed on a joint ... I wondered if it was going to hurt. If it did, it wouldn't matter for more than an instant, right?"

Sexy plus sized model Mia Tyler

One second later her phone beeped with a text message. It was MTV saying they wanted to book her as a VJ. That gave her hope.

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It's a sad sad world when a woman feels she needs to consider killing herself in part because she doesn't feel good about her body. Thankfully Mia went on to get help and become a super successful plus sized model.

Via Page Six.