So, there it is, Estée Lauder is making a new mascara that vibrates -- laugh it up. We feel like this is some kind of Friday the 13th prank, but it appears to be reality. Apparently, Estée Lauder's new TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara will provide you with the latest and greatest in lash length, curl and separation technology by vibrating at 125 micropulses per second.

You might expect some kind of low-end makeup line to pull a novelty stunt like this, but Estée Lauder? WTF? There must be some legitimate reason that they decided to go all 'electric toothbrush' on us. Their market research must have shown that women are tired of having to move those heavy brushes. Or maybe they found that vibrators really do make eyelashes look way better. Either way, they're setting themselves up for a bunch of raunchy jokes. Maybe that's just part of the marketing gimmick?

[via Fashionista]