Do you have any big plans to party all day and then camp at night this summer? If so, Cynthia Rowley has the outfit for you. With this new floppy hat/big tent combo you're all set. When you want to go to bed just get out your sleeping bad, make sure your hat is probably positioned and lay down -- no set up required.

Cynthia Rowley's Resort Collection

The designer presented her Resort Collection at a private resident in New York City this week. Every other piece in the collection was totally normal (aside from the ugly crochet heels that all the models wore), so we're not really sure where this random creation came from. But, we have to say -- we think it's genius.

More fashion designers should try their hands at being inventors. You just never know when you might stumble onto something brilliant -- like the hat/tent combo. We have a feeling this look is going to be huge this summer!