We must confess: Deep in the pit of our black goth heart, we totally dig preppy stuff. Not just that punky plaid stuff. We're talking clothes that pair pink with green. Orange with turquoise. Bright yellow with more yellow.

It goes with the dream of a summer place on the Vineyard, preferably next door to Carly Simon. In the closet would be a vivid Lilly Pulitzer dress- and capri-filled wardrobe. We would also be pleasantly buzzed on G&Ts all day long, and tan without freckles or skin cancer.
And ha! It turns out there must be more of us pasty-skinned, dyed-black-haired, city-dwelling dreamers because Lilly Pulitzer opened a flagship store -- not just one of those crappy 100 square foot outlet shops -- in downtown New York. That's the kind of honor previously bestowed on preppy meccas like East Hampton and Key West.

That's right. New York, home of the all black wardrobe and the birthplace of American Punk Rock. Now the It Destination for preppy teen-aged girls and their boxy dress loving Moms shopping for their next eyelet caftan and ribbon belt fix.

Excuse us while we go dig out our favorite Bermuda bag from the 80s. It was pink, with shells embroidered on a white ribbon. It will go perfectly with any number of Lilly dresses we might secretly buy in the next ten minutes.