It looked like Diablo Cody was the new Mrs. Robinson. Then we had Scary Spice and her "catty" couture. But those ladies need to step aside! Liz Hurley is in the house and we declare her the undisputed Queen of Cat Print.

You may be unfamiliar with Ms. Hurley's stunning line of leopard and and cheetah print beach wear. You read that right: leopard and cheetah. Because one big cat ain't enough for this cougar.

The many shapes of Liz Hurley's leopard and cheetah prints

Katie Beach DressBrigitte Crystal TopKatrina Beaded KaftanTamara DressCheetah Silk Sarong

Liz totally cornered the market on the "toned lady of a certain age and income bracket with zero body hair" customer. Admittedly her items come in other colors, but really, why bother? A string bikini is not about subtle.

And she is ready to give House of Dereon a run for their money when it comes to dressing little girls in leopard -- and cheetah -- print! Many of the "mommy" items come in a mini-me size, starting at 18 months. For the very edgy baby girl who needs a cheetah silk caftan to go with her cheetah bikini and skirt!

We know what all our nieces are getting for this year!