Manolo Blahnik will now, officially, go down in history for his work in fashion within the entertainment industry. This September, Blahnik will receive the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award from the Rodeo Drive Committee and the City of Beverly Hills.

The first Walk of Style Award was given to Giorgio Armani in 2003. Since then, designers like Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, and Salvatore Ferragamo have been recognized.

Manolo Blahnik shoes: Worthy of an award

Manolo BlahnikManolo BlahnikManolo BlahnikManolo BlahnikManolo Blahnik

Like those who have won the award before him, Blahnik will adorn a plaque with his signature and a quote, which will then remain on Rodeo Drive as a tribute. Rodeo Drive Walk of Style committee chairman, Wanda McDaniel, said, "Manolo Blahnik's relationship with the entertainment industry is legendary," adding that shows like Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City turned Manolo Blahnik into a household name that equated to style, art, and luxury.