This week over at Stylelist they have some advice from the pros for at home hair coloring. We acknowledge that going to the salon can get pricey, and if you must do your color at home these are good guidelines to follow. But we must warn you: please use caution and restraint on the slippery slope of do-it-yourself.

We're talking about the scourge of Sun In. Look, we know it's tempting. Just like you, we've felt the allure of a summertime blond streak. It seems so simple to "brighten up" your look with a lighter color around your face. Just a quick spray or two, an afternoon soaking up rays, and presto, you think you'll be ever so subtly blond.

Trust us, Sun In is anything but subtle. It's more like a bright orange beacon of stupidity. That's bad enough, but the very real danger of oddly round splotches of lighter hair make it a true menace for the novice bleacher.

Not to mention the chemistry experiment that will occur if you have any kind of color already on your hair. We're not exaggerating to say that your hair could start to boil and melt! Fine, maybe not boil, but if you've ever mixed henna with bleach then you know we're serious about the melting.

What? You still want some summertime blond, even after all of our horror stories? And you want to do it in the comfort of your own upstairs bathroom? Sigh. Okay. Then hit your local Walgreens and pick up a Nice and Easy Hairpainting kit. You might still mess it up, but at least they have an 800 number to call for advice when your test patch turns green and breaks off in your hand.

We wish you luck and promise not to say "I told you so!"