First, we absolutely adore Vogue's prolific editor-at-large, Andre Leon Talley.

If we ever got the chance to meet him in person, we imagine it would involve us losing all of our senses and embarrassing ourselves so much so that the people standing around watching us stumble over our words would begin to feel awkward for us.

With that aside, we also know our magnanimous crush is far from perfect. The editor who also doubles as a stylist made a big public "no-no" last year on the Oscars' red carpet by outfitting Jennifer Hudson in that infamous gold python bolero jacket.

So we're a little unsure about André getting his hands onto potential first lady, Michelle Obama.

Rumor has it that he is dying to be apart of Barack Obama's historic presidential run by way of dressing his beautiful wife to the nine's and most likely in Oscar de la Renta. However, Michelle is no wall flower and we can't see her succumbing to the pleas of André to wear anything that would make her look as if she was gearing up for a space shuttle launch to the moon. But still, please stay away Mr. Talley.

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