Have you ever had one of those summers during which you're invited to several weddings and will see many of the same people at each? You can't rely on your favorite wedding-guest dress for all of them because you'll be seeing everyone again, but you don't want to spend another $100 (or $200, or $400, or whatever you spent for Old Trusty) on another dress (or two), but you want to look fashionable at the same time. What do you do?

There are plenty of stores that offer trendy, beautiful, wedding-guest-appropriate dresses for well under $100. They might not be of the highest quality -- when we buy something at Forever 21, we don't necessarily expect it to last more than one or two washes -- but they also cost a fraction of what something similar would cost in a boutique or high-end department store.

Check out the gallery to see how sweet some of these inexpensive dresses can be. And remember, jewelry and accessories go a long way, and can be worn with more than just that dress, so spend a little of the money you saved dress shopping on a fabulous necklace!