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Stylist Robert Verdi invited an intimate group of around twenty folks (yep, including yours truly) to a viewing party for his show She's Got the Look, and while I was there he gave me a little scoop on the series. Held at Verdi's swanky Luxe Laboratory, we lounged around and sipped wine while gabbing about the field of over-35 women who are competing Top Model-style for a Wilhelmina contract.

Robert's adorable new Havanese puppy Lucinda scuttled about, and during commercial breaks we offered our opinions as to who we thought should win (Bahia was the clear favorite). As for whom his pick is, Verdi would only offer up that he loves the aforementioned Bahia and another contestant named Karin, saying: "Karin is sort of edgy, very unexpected, a little harder and a little angular. Bahia is just really sexy, without any attempt to be that. She's got a really rich, deep voice, she's got an accent, she speaks French, and she's just really hot."

Robert Verdi Hosts She's Got the Look

And while I was there I just couldn't help asking Robert about his ever-present sunglasses-on-the-head fashion statement, and he explained it like this: "It gives me a hairline, because without it I'm just all flesh, and I feel like I look like Dr. Evil. So it camouflages my insecurity of being bald -- although people have figured it out." Aww, even Eva Longoria's stylist is insecure!