We're not sure what to think of the latest trend to turn up on the runway: Fendi gave his male models wedges. Shoes that is. As in, he put them in heels.

True, men have been wearing subtle and not-so-subtle heels since Napoleon, and there was that outbreak of platform shoes in the 70s. Still, Fendi's decision has us stymied.

In theory, it's kind of a good idea. The wedge is a very comfortable heel in which to walk, it's not especially feminine -- a Louis heel will raise far more eyebrows -- but to us, there is something really weird about it.

Perhaps we're being stodgy, so let's put it to a vote. What are your thoughts about men in heels? Only good at a Gay Pride Parada, or the trend of tomorrow?

Is it okay for men to wear heels?
Not if he's into dating women131 (72.4%)
It depends on the length...of his pants13 (7.2%)
Sure, as long those toes are covered I don't care14 (7.7%)
Yes! I love when he towers over me, doesn't matter how he makes it happen23 (12.7%)