Maria promised to change up her Wimbledon outfit, and and she came through. Her "menswear-inspired" Nike outfit is a decidedly sexy, sheer top with a tudexo "dickie" embellishing the front. With the matching white jacket and white shorts, she could as easily be on her way to lunch as to a championship match.

Players frequently blend in at Wimbledon, where everyone is required to wear white from head to toe. A few, like Sharapova, manage to stand out despite this restriction.

Five-time champion Roger Federer, also sponsored by Nike, does it with a surprise look each year. Others, like Rafa Nadal and his manpris, have their own unique and consistent look that they bring to every match. Not to mention regular fashion notables Serena and Venus Williams, who are almost as well known for their fashion off the court as they are for winning on the court.

Check out the fashion high points of Wimbledon Week One in the gallery.

Tennis Fashions at Wimbledon 2008

Maria Sharapova's tuxedo topMaria Sharapova with blazerRoger Federer's SweaterRoger Federer's 5-win gold accented Nike shoesSerena Williams in her white trench coat and wide headband