As we mentioned earlier, we're not totally committed to wearing Ray-Ban wayfarers on our face this summer.

To sum up our sentiments about the phenomenon known as the wayfarer in a short and succinct matter, we would like to borrow a sentence from writer Hadley Freeman, whom recently wrote about the coveted frames:

"Many a poem, many a song, many an ode has been written about the human face, but I have yet to read one that suggests it might be improved by the addition of a pair of wonkily shaped plastic glasses in some kind of neon colour."

Ooh, Hadley. It's like you were reading our minds.

Look. We don't have a problem with the sunglasses as much as with some of the people that don them. Why do you have to wear the frames as well as the "controversial" scarf, Steven Alan plaid top, and Minnetonka fringe boots? That's just way too many hipster must-haves to be trying to pile them all on at once.

Anyways, this spring the brand teamed up with Marie Claire to help launch Project Colorize, a new line of colored Wayfarers in collaboration with five NYC artists (Scott Alger, Ron English, Toofly, Queen Andrea, Tara McPherson).

So, to wrap things up:

Ray-Ban now offers their wayfarer sunglasses in new fun bright colors. Cool. And if we were forced to pick our favorite it would have to be the turquoise frames. Anything that reminds us of Smurfs will always be OK in our book.

[via M.I.S.S. Crew]