Our cross to bear is a tiny, pointy head. No amount of crying or squeezing or adjusting will make most of those cool $50 headbands, in tortoiseshell and grosgrain and satin sit right on our small noggin.

You'd think those neat-o, sporty, elastic headbands, the kind that are all narrow and stretchy would be the solution, but those slide off in a matter of seconds. Little barrettes and bobby pins have been our only bangs control options for years.

So, we were beyond thrilled to find, in the hair accessory aisle of our local Walgreen's, something that fit: Scunci plastic headbands.
And even better, they are ridiculously inexpensive and come in multi-packs of black, clear and tortoiseshell -- all for just $2.50!

We edged our way into headbands with these neutral colors, but one day during our monthly "buy as much crazy stuff as possible at Walgreens" trip, we found our tiny-cranium-fitting headbands in a pack of six silly, bright colors. And again, for just $2.50!

For months these bright headbands were relegated to the bathroom, where the fun-loving lime green, hot pink and electric aqua bands only saw face washing duty. Slowly, we've been easing them into the gym, where their effectiveness at keeping sweaty bangs back overruled any fashion fears.

Our cache of Scunci headbands has made it possible to do fashion or sporty in a bangs-controlled style. At last, happy hair!