We happily admit to a So You Think You Can Dance addiction, partly due to the amazing dancing, but also because we're always dying to know what host Cat Deeley will be wearing. She's at least eight feet tall, and quite thin, so obviously, she can wear just about anything. Still, she occasionally chooses outfits that make us wonder if maybe British fashion is like the British sense of humor -- rather different than American, but enjoyable once you "get it."

This outfit from the American Idol finale is something that we absolutely, completely get. True, it works for her largely because of her height and slim build, but it's one of our favorite jumpsuits this year, and even if you don't get it as a jumpsuit, this is a look that you could absolutely rock at a party. Check out the gallery to see how.

From Red Carpet to Your Closet: Cat Deeley at the American Idol finale

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