Madness! Total madness! We adore Jean-Paul Gaultier's sense of creativity. His 2009 haute couture show was like a fashion circus! It's always fun to see clothes that no human being in his/her right mind would ever wear. But, hey, isn't that what it's all about?

Seriously, what woman would ever roll out of bed one morning and say to her husband "Darling, I just must buy a purple cape with holes in it, preferably crafted from pipe cleaners."

Ok, so maybe Posh Spice would say something like that. But, that's another store for a different day.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Fall-Winter 2009 Haute Couture

My hair gets really good reception

And, if you've ever fantasized about dressing yourself up like a neon butterfly on hallucinogenics or really any other sort of insect, this is the collection for you!

All jokes aside, the clothes were fun and futuristic. We enjoyed most of what we saw -- aside from the frighteningly tall hair pieces. Other designers have been there, done that -- it's the kind of thing, that should only be done once as an innovation, talked about for one minute because of it's oddness, and then left in the past.