Whit Honea is a slacker, a borderline degenerate, and a daydream believer. He's also our resident expert on casual chic. If it's comfortable, and not heinous, he's all over it. He's quite charming, really.

T-Shirts That Suck is an online company that specialize in "offensive apparel for the whole family." Granted, the tees will probably offend the whole family, but you may not want to dress your whole family in them. It really depends on how dirty you want the looks sent in your general direction.

T-Shirts that suck, but not really

The shirts available will most likely cause anything from disbelief and head shakes to a good old-fashioned slap. T-Shirts That Suck are for people with a sense of humor and a desire for attention- often negative. We tend to find this sort of thing amusing*.

The company doesn't really share anything about itself in terms of back story or dreams of world peace. Basically they make t-shirts that will either make you laugh or make you mad. That's their story, and it appears they are sticking to it.

Click here to offend or be offended.

*as long as our kids don't see it