For some of us, summertime is a hot, sweaty nightmare of frizzy hair and shiny makeup collapsing like an ice cream cake in the sun. Between bug bites and sun burns our skin is a wreck, and we suffer from both the heat and the humidity. There is a whole post over on Stylelist about products that can help us survive the terrors of the season. And we need the help.

Meanwhile, there there are the charmed few, summer folk who thrive when the temperature climbs above 80 degrees. Just drop them at a pool, or anywhere there is sand, palm trees and surf. Their toes are always tan and bare, their hair tossled, and their faces sunkissed.

They look healthy, not hot. Casual, not sloppy. As if they just finished a particularly soothing yoga workout, and are about to sit on a warm, breezy deck watching the sun set, sipping something icy, tropical and fruity. In the gallery, their celebrity representatives, looking sexy, relaxed, easy going and enviable.

Celebrity summer folk

Kate HudsonMatthew McConaugheyGisele BundchenJennifer AnistonCameron Diaz