Aside from Annie Lebowitz, Mario Testino may very well be the best known fashion photographer of our time. The famed Peruvian snapper chronicled his crazy jet setting life for three weeks which gave us a little look behind the scenes in the fashion world.

To read the entire diary, you'll have to check it out here. We're just going to share a couple of highlights with you in case you're too lazy to make it through the whole thing.

Mario loves Agyness Deyn's wacky style,"...she's, like, the minimalist. Her look is so British. It's so stylish, my God! And it's totally her thing. I mean, it's her who inspires the stylist! Kate Moss has that amazing quality with her style as well."

He also talked about why he picked up and coming model Toni Garrn for the first issue of German Vogue, of which, he had complete control over the photography, "I also photographed this new girl, Toni Garrn. She's 16 and may be the new Claudia Schiffer. She was also picked up by Calvin Klein, but when I saw their campaign I thought it looked... I thought you didn't really get her. A lot of campaigns transform the girl into what the designer wants. But when I met her I was so taken with her I was, like, 'Oh my God, Toni!' So for this issue I wanted all the girls to have a starring role. It was about them, not the designer. That's why I put all their names [as the headlines to the fashion stories]."

The rest of it is just as fascinating! If you have a minute it's definitely worth reading.