Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and host of Shoot the Messenger's We at Styledash are unabashed fans of We have long enjoyed their edgy and witty writers--but then we saw them in person.

Last week on Shoot the Messenger, The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead (pictured)'s weekly live show in New York, Jezebel writers Tracie Egan and Moe Tkacik showed up drunk, kept drinking, and said some outrageous things about rape. That's right. Rape. It wasn't funny. The audience was infuriated and saddened, and I know, because as a New York blogger who happens to have three friends on that show, I was there.

Watch it all here (warning: NSFW language). Don't worry, the sound kicks in after a second. No wait. Worry. You're about to be totally flabberghasted. If you don't have 57 minutes, cool. We recommend Clip #2. You get everything from Moe's defense that she always felt safe around the guy who date raped her (WTF?) to Tracie's claim that she hasn't been date raped because she's smart, to Moe's final comment:

"If any of you guys use the pullout method, but you read you know, anything I wrote about Ben Bernanke, or you know, whatever, at least you'll go to the grave with your syphilis, slightly informed, that's all I care about."

From Sarah Hepola's review on "Feminism: UR DOIN IT RONG."

Lizz wrote a terrific article on the whole experience with more gems like the above quote from Moe here on The Huffington Post. She coins the phrase "Jezebelism," which I think means something along the lines of grossly misguided sexual-political terrorism; not really the best press for

When it was over, I tittered nervously as the friend I was with tried not to cry. That kind of sums it up. We were shocked. We were mad. We were sad, for them and for our society that breeds and encourages this kind of self-congratulatory disconnection with reality. Frankly, we wanted them ripped to shreds for mindlessly dismissing the common, frighteningly underreported experience of rape and tromping all over feminism with a blase, drunken nonchalance, and it's a good thing Lizz Winstead is a pro and kept her cool (though we loved how she shrieked when Tracie implied there are no rapists in Williamsburg).

Some Jezebel fans have criticized Lizz's composure, claiming that she was deliberately trying to trap the Jezebels into saying the wrong thing. From my friend Darbi Worley, who plays Emily Rackcheck on Shoot the Messenger:

"Shouldn't any interviewer sitting across from them ask the same question that was going through the minds of everyone in the audience? You may think that Lizz's question (ie, why didn't you report it?) wasn't the right question, but no interviewer with a brain would let those comments go by without asking a follow up question."

It's so sad to watch your sisters fall--Tracie knows; she watched Moe fall farther than she did (but notice how she didn't even try to help). Sorry, Jezebel ladies. You suck at interviews like George Bush sucks at flying.