Miley Cyrus is really having some serious camera phone issues. Every picture she takes ends up getting leaked, so why wouldn't she just stop taking them?!? Fortunately for little Hannah Montana loving boys everywhere, Miley hasn't figured that out yet. New pictures have found their way out onto the internet, and they're more scandalous than ever.

This time Miley is in the shower, wearing nothing but a wet t-shirt -- literally. Disney is going to love this. And so is Annie Lebowitz! Isn't this kind of a vindication of the whole Vanity Fair scandal?

Is Miley too sexy for her own good?

She's 15, and of course at that age she's going to be experimenting with her sexuality and pushing the envelope a little. We don't have a problem with that -- our only issue here is with her hypocrisy. She tried to make Annie take the fall for the topless Vanity Fair pictures.

Miley wanted to play that off as if she were against posing semi-nude, and that she was uncomfortable being half naked. Yet, here she is, half naked of her own free will and she looks pretty damn comfortable to us.

Forget hiring bodyguards, this girl needs to hire security for her computer! Either that, or learn how to use the delete button.