Damn you, Miss U.S.A.! You just ruined our country's chances at world domination -- in pageants. Beautiful Crystle Stewart had an unlucky break when she stumbled and then proceeded to eat stage at the Miss Universe pageant held tonight in Vietnam.

It appeared that Crystle didn't hear her name when she was called for her turn during the evening gown competition. In her hurry to catch up she got caught up in her dress and fell on the step down.

Beautiful ladies compete for Miss Universe title

Pageant experts (yes, apparently they do exist) were predicting that Crystle had the potential to make it as far as one of the top 4 runners up for the crown. And she did make it as far as top ten, until an unlucky trip over the train of her garment cut her bid for Miss Universe short.

The U.S.A. seems to be cursed. Last year's Miss U.S.A. 2007 also took a tumble during the exact same part of the competition.

Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza, took home the win. Now that's a country that doesn't have the same pageant jinx as the U.S.A. This year's crown gives them 5 Miss Universe wins!