Barbadian beauty Rihanna is now the official face for the Gucci charity campaign as part of their association with UNICEF. RiRi has moved up in the world since her first endorsement deal, and she knows it!

When asked for comment, the Umbrella singer said,"We've come a long way from Miss Bisou to Gucci. We have grown a lot in the endorsement world. It's an honor to represent Gucci."

As for Gucci, their creative director Frida Giannini said, "When we decided to dedicate a full ad campaign, more than just creating products, to really come out and show our commitment to UNICEF, I felt a musician and a beautiful woman was the perfect icon for this campaign."

We think they're right. Rihanna is beyond hot, and she has great energy. Besides that, the girl has a proven track record of giving back and working with charities. Remember when she helped a woman find a bone marrow transplant donor, or how she has her own foundation to help children?

25% of the sales of the limited edition products that Gucci does for UNICEF will go to charity.