What could be better than shopping for designer duds in your pajamas (imported silk lounging pajamas, of course)? Alexander McQueen is making that possible -- not with a flagship store slumber party, but with a new online store.

What would you buy at Alexander McQueen's online store?

Skull Box Jungle Clutch, $2235Sequined Leggings, $2345Wool Paisley Emb Knit, $1225Elviemaxi Pebble Bag, $2535Leaf Crepe Princess Dress, $1495
Starting today, the designer is offering online shopping, meaning anyone in the U.S. can access his innovative designs. Unfortunately, the launch is limited to the States for the time being.

So what could you buy, should you feel so inclined to click away? Well, you could get a pair of sequined leggings for $2,345, or this Skull Box Jungle Clutch for $2,235. There's menswear, as well, like this Wool Paisley Emb Knit sweater, $1,225.

Okay, so we might not all be clicking straight through to the shipping options, but it's sure fun to look!