What's better than celebrities or makeup? Both of them together!

Over at In Style there is a fun widget that helps you find your celebrity makeup match. Are you a blond more like Gwen Stefani or Reese Witherspoon? A brown-eyed brunette like Anne Hathaway or Julia Roberts? You pick the celeb, and then it pulls up some of their best known looks, along with with the makeup you need to recreate them. They also have quick expert tips, like the most dramatic liner for pale skin, or best lip colors for redheads. We didn't think any of the stars quite matched us, so we entered our skin, hair and eye color. Shockingly, they matched us up with Angelina Jolie, not realizing we are on Team Aniston. But we have to admit, Angelina's eye makeup is pretty fab, and we secretly always wanted to know how she does it.

It is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon and get some new make up ideas. Plus they make it convenient to click on the product and just go buy it if you find something amazing that you need immediately. Which we may have done, but hey, that NARS glitter pencil rocks!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images