King/Queen of Schadenfreude Perez Hilton is gleefully proclaiming the death of the clothing line "created" by Hills "star" Lauren Conrad. Kitson dropped her from their L.A. boutiques because of "lackluster sales." Ouch.

Like seemingly everyone else, we found the stuff she "designs" to be overpriced given their lack of originality, but not that bad. If anything, they were an almost perfect thermometer of vapid popularity. Are maxi-dresses still popular? Yes, LC has one in the latest "collection" which means they will be around for another 15 minutes.

Sure, it's a blow to get dropped by trend-maker Kitson, but like a weed, we're sure LC will pop up somewhere else. In the meantime, mid-western sweet sixteens with fat allowances and a "reality" show addiction can still get their drapey jersey dress fix online.

Lauren Conrad, overpriced but not that bad

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