Here in the States, Wrangler's image can basically be summed up by cowboy hats and barbeque stains, or cornbread and chicken, or whatever two rural items you want to throw together. Septic tanks and incest -- see how that works?

In Europe, however, the dream of growing up to rope and ride has apparently lost its luster. So, in an attempt to make Wrangler jeans more relevant to the youth of Europe, but still not lose the brand's earthy past, Parisian ad agency has produced this obnoxiously European, avante garde, and confusingly non-macho Wrangler commercial.

You may disagree with us -- and that's fine -- but we submit that owning at least one pair of Wranglers in your life is an essential part of exploration of all that America has to offer. According to Paris ad agency Fred and Farid, wallowing in a stream at night is equally important and analogous to the French experience.

After all, unleashing your inner bestiality is what Wrangler's all about right? Rodeos, cowboys, jerks in oversized pickup trucks. At least that's our film school interpretation.

Does this commercial make you want to wear Wranglers? Or does it seem like Wrangler's new ads are targeting Europeans with animal fetishes?

[via Jezebel]