Michael Buckner is a fashion and celebrity photographer who travels around the world taking pictures on the red carpet. He gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the hottest entertainment industry events.

Christian Audigier isn't quite fashion forward or even close to couture. The French designer has been pumping out screen print T-shirts, dresses, shoes and swimsuits which top out at well over $200. Since Ed Hardy's inception in 2004, the apparel has spread from flashy, skull prints to... skully flash prints.

But what Christian Audigier has succeeded in the most is making his mark in niche clothing, which covers the backs and butts of millions in huge cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and of course, South Beach, Miami. Club goers wait in line in style with Ed Hardy nightly on the A1A.

I went to a press event before the shows started yesterday to take a preview of what the runway was about to see. Two models, one designer and thirty hungry Miami photographers.

The show was so overcrowded that they wouldn't even let me into the show to shoot (and I'm working for the management company). Rock and Roll shook the walls of the hotels as the show was going on. I looked at my fellow photographers take. There was a ton of looks.

I posted my favorite pictures from the event in the below gallery. I'm gonna post a couple more shows later, but it's 1:30 in the morning, and I've got to catch some sleep.

Ed Hardy