Is anybody surprised to hear that another celebrity is coming out with another fragrance? No? Were not, either. But, we are curious to get a whiff, seeing as how it's Patrick Dempsey. Besides, after as much work as he put into developing it, it would just be rude not to pay attention.

Who wants to smell like this guy? Oh, right. Everybody.

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That's right, we did say "work." McDreamy admits that he "spent a fortune in Barneys -- I had no idea what I was taking, but all I know was that the guy was very excited. I looked at my bill and was like, 'Wow, there's my research and development budget.'"

The actor paired up with Avon in creating the new scent, called Patrick Dempsey Unscripted, because he already knew everyone -- his wife has been the company's global creative color director since July 2006. And, he liked that they let him get involved with the scent -- woody and green -- and the print campaign, which plays off of Dempsey's love of classic cars and auto racing.