Why didn't we think of this?So, you want to pluck your eyebrows. Good for you. We support that.

Those little hairs are hard to see, and finding the right lighting can be quite the drama. You think you're done, but then you catch yourself in the kitchen mirror and realize that in another light, you're still Frida.

Witness a pair of tweezers with a bright white light built in. Genius! We tried these and seriously, the little white light packs a punch. It really makes a difference. And it sort of felt like we were in the future.

You could crawl into bed with a hand mirror and pluck your eyebrows in the dark (finally, a perfect alternative to reading). The flip side of the wand is an eyebrow grooming brush and comb. No light on that end, but that would be geek-chic overkill anyway. This product gets two thumbs up.

You can get yours at the drug store or online. Visit www.artemiswoman.com and click "Where to Buy" at the bottom.