All right, men. Guess what you didn't know you needed? Pantyhose.

Here at right we have a handsome gentleman wearing a lovely dove-gray under his jeans. Pantyhose under pants, you ask? Well, what do you want him to wear, a skirt? What would his mother say?

We have a feeling she's already said it.

From the e-MANcipate website:
"e-MANcipate is a project to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item."

The website includes helpful resources like manfacturers and mantyhose news, as well as tips like "How to put on your male pantyhose without destroying it??" They claim that wearing pantyhose promotes circulation and even improves athletic performance! Um. . .WTF and As If, respectively.

Unless you're playing Robin Hood or pretending to be Louis XIV (like you do), we think maybe you should pass this trend up in favor of, you know, looking hot. But to each his own, right? Whatever. We don't care what you do on weekends, we're just saying it's not in fashion. Thanks for the tip, or should we say, the warning.