We probably love chocolate a little bit... okay a lot. We love chocolate a lot. As you've probably been hearing, the antioxidants packed in dark chocolate is as beneficial as drinking a glass of red wine every day. But that's not the only way you can use the yummy cocoa bean to your advantage.

The dark stuff is also a good moisturizer, meaning, you can chop, mix, and melt it into a creamy mask that will replenish your skin and leave a beautiful glow behind.

What you will need...


• 3.5 oz dark chocolate
• 1 c milk
• 3 tbsp salt


1. Mix the salt and milk into a small bowl until the salt dissolves.

2. Set up a double boiler system to melt the chocolate. Fill the boiler with water but make sure that the small bowl on top does not touch the liquid.

3. Turn the boiler onto medium.

4. Break up the chocolate and stir it with a whisk until it is completely melted. Remove from heat.

5. Stir in your milk-salt mix with the chocolate until it unifies.

6. Allow the mixture to cool and apply while warm. Keep it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off with a mild cleanser.


Photo via Fir2002