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Who wears short shorts? Your boss?!?

The New York Times is all a-flutter over the trend of men wearing dress shorts to work. Really? That's a trend? Click here. Debatably hot, but for formal work? Would you trust your trust fund to those calves?

The trend regrettably reminds us of those weird boys in school who wore shorts all year round for no apparent reason. Obviously, the men in the photos look more stylish, but we think part of them still may be on their way to Chess Club.

If you're going to rock this trend in a professional environment, our advice is:

1. Avoid cargo pockets, they look casual.
2. Stick to solid colors.
3. If you put your hands down at your sides and they go farther than your shorts, they're too short by a landslide.
4. No socks. Or at least those athletic socks that you can't really see in the shoe.
5. Avoid the muffin top, men, careful with those belts.
6. Check with your boss first, and god bless.

Worst dressed men in the world

Marc Anthony: button your shirt dudeKid Rock: if you showed up at our house we would call the policeMel Gibson: always looks like a used-car salesmanMatthew Perry: does he even try?Seth Rogen: looks stoned

Some nice khaki shorts are a good start, and they're on sale at BananaRepublic.com for under $28! But try to remember why they're on sale: nobody's sure about this shorts-at-work thing.

Do you think professional men can get away with shorts at work?
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