Why do we continue to "man-up" and re-noun perfectly useful products just so men can use them? We've seen: mandals, manties, mantyhose, guyliner, murses, and (sigh, yes, yes, we're guilty, too) murves.

Now Taxi Man London cosmetics presents us with manscara, which is "not just for transvestites anymore." No kidding: it's clear. No self-respecting drag queen would waste time with anything less subtle than Diorshow Black Out.

UK distributor Superdrug will also carry guyliner, which is "A new and versatile eye definer created especially for men."

How intriguing. It's especially for men? How so? Does it smell like Old Spice? Have Rogaine in it to make your lashes grow faster and thicker? What's so andro about it? We're dying to know.

We're also dying for this goofy mancific naming thing to end. If you're man enough to go buy -- never mind wear -- eyeliner, you should have already embraced your inner-make up diva.

Manning up Man Product Names: Smart Marketing or So Over?
Once and for all, it's: MAKEUP116 (63.7%)
Sometimes it's cute42 (23.1%)
Only dude-named products belong in a gym bag24 (13.2%)