Ever since Madonna rocked the platinum permed hair with super dark roots in the eighties, it seems like every other year (or every other week) some blond actress or singer has shown up at a red carpet event with a dark part, and some fashion magazine has come out and declared that dark roots are in. We say they're trying to hornswoggle us.

Dark roots look okay under the following qualifications:
a) you have enough volume in your hair that there's not a defined line, or
b) you're dressing up as Madonna for an Eighties-themed party.

Celebs who missed a highlight appointment

MadonnaPamela AndersonCameron DiazHeather LocklearGwyneth Paltrow

Should anybody still be sporting dark roots?
Not a chance. That's SO two decades ago.56 (58.9%)
Totally. It's like two hair colors in one, and more is better, right?39 (41.1%)
Those of you with big curls are mostly in the clear -- you can allow a ton of growth before it really becomes an issue. However, those of you with sleek, straight hair and a straight part need to be a little more careful because it really just looks like you missed your appointment at the salon.