Music and fashion are intrinsically linked. The Queen of Pop knows that. So, when Madonna performs, her costumes come from nothing but the best designers available.

All the top names in couture are on board to help Madge look her best when she hits the stage for the Sticky and Sweet concert tour.

Madonna's long time designer/stylist Arianne Phillips took the challenge head on. She said, "Normally we prep in April and May, and open in June. This time, the tour begins in August. It's a nightmare. Everyone in Italy and France is on a beach sunning themselves."

But, that hasn't stopped Arianne from calling in the big guns.
Once she started name dropping she couldn't stop, "Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci designed two outfits and Tom Ford provided bespoke suits for the band. Three pairs of shoes have been custom-made by Miu Miu, there are thigh-high boots courtesy of Stella McCartney, sunglasses from Moschino, and other outfits and odds and ends from Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, and Jeremy Scott."

And of course, working with Madonna makes it easy,
"She always wants to push the envelope. There are no vanity considerations based on her age...She looks good in everything."

We can't wait to see these outfits, because Arianne is right -- nobody pushes the envelope quite like Madonna! Seriously, has there been a more influential costume since the Like a Virgin wedding dress? We don't think so.